Gulet yacht cruising in Turkey in beautiful coves

Cruising the Turkish Coastline on a Luxury Yacht

I always loved the idea of cruising, but I was never a fan of those large massive cruise ships that stop by busy harbors all over the world. I was much more interested in private cruises with a smaller group of close friends, where I would be able to relax, enjoy the sites and get away from crowds. This is how the thought of going on a one-week luxury cruise in Turkey came to me and I can truly say this was one of the nicest holidays of my life!

First of all Turkey luxury gulet cruises opened a door to an entirely new way of experiencing the Mediterranean and I was truly excited for this new type of adventure.

Gulet yacht cruising in Turkey
Our Luxury Gulet- Yacht at Anchor

We began our cruise in Göcek port where we were pleasantly welcomed on board by a lovely representative and the crew. After we were introduced to our yacht and settled down, we decided to head out to the city center to explore the town. I was most fascinated by the long street called Turgut Ozal. This street was so alive and it offered many deluxe shops, restaurants, and bars while international and local music was playing down the street. This was our first encounter with the beauty and marvelous atmosphere that Turkey had to offer.

Our first overnight stay was on anchor in one of the nearby bays. A delicious big dinner served on board was like an icing on the cake and a perfect way to finish our first day.

Gocek Town in Aegean coast of Turkey
Göcek port – our First Anchorage

On Sunday our Captain took us to the region known as Cleopatra’s bay where we could admire the ancient ruins that peeked through turquoise waters. The Captain also told us fascinating myths and stories that made the experience even more valuable and exciting. Later on, we got to enjoy a delicious lunch on board and an overnight stay surrounded by magnificent nature and a calm sea. I also finally had time to enjoy my favorite book under the sun while the breeze was lightly cooling me down.

On Monday we visited a place that is a representation of a coastal paradise. Bedri Rahmi Bay was gorgeous, and we explored hills speckled by ancient ruins of Lycian rock tombs. This was a fascinating sight even if one was not a history buff. After lunch back on board, we had time to enjoy in the refreshing sea and those who felt more adventuresome had fun with various watersports that the staff offered.

The next day, I decided to start my morning with an early swim. This was truly one of the best things about a gulet cruise in that you could enjoy the luxury of the sea as it is always right outside your cabin.

Jumping in the Sea in Turkey
An Early Morning Swim!

Later the Captain lead us towards Fethiye an extraordinarily beautiful resort surrounded by mountains, sandy beaches, islands, and isolated bays. Sea temperature here does not fall below 19°C, and we were told that this is one of the best areas for diving, so we gave it a go! There were also other possibilities for various activities like paragliding, extreme whitewater rafting, or a jeep safari on the mountain roads. We skipped these adventures and after a dive, we went to explore Fethiye further. Charming streets were full of dainty local shops, bars, and restaurants filled with attractive people. As the sun went down, we walked back to the yacht where an elegant dinner was served.

By the time I woke up the next day, we were already sailing to Ölü Deniz with breakfast served on deck. Ölü Deniz is a gorgeous resort village that amazed us with the most photographed beach in Europe. You really must see it to believe it! Here we had the option to go paragliding from Babadağ Mountain, but we chose to admire the views from the safety of land. We walked down the beach, found our spot and spent the day enjoying the sun, the sea, and the beauty of nature

Breakfast on Deck in Turkey
Breakfast on Deck

Thursday was reserved for some exploration of ancient sites and the culture that Turkey had to offer. We visited Gemiler adası also known as a Saint Nicholas island. This place is best known for its ancient ruins of the church of Saint Nicholas and the remains of other churches. However, the most impressive thing for me was the Church that was cut out directly from a rock located at the highest point of the island. I admired the craft the original workers had to possess to have constructed such an amazing structure. Once we got back on the yacht I relaxed and enjoyed a magical sunset and an amazing mouth-watering dinner cooked by our personal chef.

beautiful cabin onboard Gulet yacht cruising in Turkey
My Beautiful Cabin Onboard

On Friday while enjoying my cup of Turkish coffee we cruised to Zeytin island. There we had breakfast and a short swim break after which we continued towards Yassica Islands. These islands were quite romantic, with natural beauty, and bays ideal for watersports. We played with the water toys and later relaxed on a sandy beach in a lagoon. The air was fresh, the sun was shining, and life was good.

Unfortunately, the last day of the cruise arrived and it was time to say goodbye to the lovely crew that worked so passionately to provide us with the best experience we could imagine. We finished our cruise where we had started 7 days earlier. With some time to spare before the flight back home, we decided to explore the Gocek town a bit more.

Overall, this was such an amazing experience that allowed us to discover the country, taste wonderful food, appreciate differences in culture, history, and archeology, etc. And, most of all, to be pampered by a great crew on a fabulous yacht – not your typical cruise – a luxurious gulet experience.

delicious food onboard Gulet yacht cruising in Turkey
Service and Food Beyond Compare

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