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You’ve come to our site because you are a Baby Boomer (born between 1946 and 1964) or think of yourself as one. Perfect. You consider a Travel Bucket List as something you’d like to do while you can appreciate it. Let’s not say “before you kick the bucket” – the source of the phrase “Bucket List”. On our site we’ve compiled a list of travel companies that can assist you in fulfilling your dream vacations. On our “Find Your Adventure” search engine just fill in what activity you’d like to do and where. You can also leave the geographical location blank or visa versa with the activity locator.

We love to travel – Andy has been the publisher of Specialty Travel Index and SpecialtyTravel.com for almost four decades and has visited more than 70 countries Richard has been a travel lover, learner, and an avid sportsman all his life. We are boomers and have created BoomersBucketListTravel to expand all of our horizons.

We’ve included travel articles by professional writers to wet your appetite and a blog for our fellow boomers who have fulfilled one of their bucket list travels and want to share their experience. We hope you will too! With both of these writings you can search by your interest using the activity tags on the page.

We have integrated a process to help you plan your travel adventure and some aids to focus in on what your Bucket List can be. If you would like to receive our timely newsletter with special offers from our advertisers as well as letting you know about new travel articles and boomer blog posts , that’s easy. Our newsletter page has a sign-up form.

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Please come back often to our site and join our community of boomers with a special interest in traveling the world. The site is growing daily.

Andy at Everest

Andy Opposite Mount Everest


Richard at Machu Picchu