Fiji’s Dive Regions: Paradise Under Water

Jean-Michel Cousteau refers to Fiji as “The Soft Coral Capital of the World” for good reason! When first you dive Fiji, the vibrant colors of both the soft and hard corals, as well as the myriad of marine life will exceed your wildest expectations. Built on a solid base of over 400 species of coral […]

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Laos & Thailand: An Asian Fantasy

Laos & Thailand: An Asian Fantasy

At first consideration, appreciating Buddhist art and going scuba diving seem as different as night and day. The principles of Buddhist art encompass simplicity, devotion and meditation while scuba diving involves hi-tech equipment and activity. But there are similarities–both ask their participants to focus on the moment, contemplation that can bring serenity and relaxation. Why […]

Bicycling in Italy’s Po Valley

Twenty-three of us sat outside our country hotel around a large table, some sipping wine, as the September sun reflected off the yellowing rice fields that surrounded us. As pink clouds floated above our heads, the long, afternoon shadows accentuated the architectural splendor of the Carthusian Monastery of Pavia (Certosa di Pavia), which also seemed […]

Cambodia: Temples & Tranquility

“You look so much younger!” That’s how we were greeted at the Bangkok airport by the woman who had made our hotel arrangements just nine days earlier. Although Cambodia is not usually referred to as a fountain of youth, it had proved one for my wife Daya and myself, rejuvenating us with its relaxed pace […]