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Bike Odyssey founder is Sam Wood, an archaeologist with a passion for cycling. He made a BBC documentary following Hannibal’s footsteps from Barcelona to Rome, and enjoyed it so much decided to make a tour company so others could do it too! All our tours are made by him engaging tour leaders who specialise in those particular areas and speak those languages. Other tours we are doing in 2018 are Lionheart (Richard I) – Venice to Aquitane, Venetians – Venice to Dubrovnik and of course his signature tour Hannibal.  We have also scheduled a special Che’s (Guevara) recycled ‘Bicycle Diaries, 2018’  Bariloche to Santiago.

Bike Odyssey specialises in running journeys of a lifetime. We only tour in exceptional corners of the world. We only create exceptional routes.We only follow exceptional historical figures. Unsurprisingly, our tours are exceptional. We love them and you will too.

If you have a love of travel, of food, of wine, of history, of a challenge, Bike Odyssey will intrigue you!

We have encompassed all of the above to create cycling adventures that are unparallelled in the industry. You will enjoy:

 –  The physical challenge riding through spectacular parts of the world on on the tiniest most cycle friendly roads there are.

 – The intellectual enjoyment of having experts explain the history of the area, period or a famous/infamous! historical figure you are following.

 – Doing this in style and with utmost but affordable comfort.

  Stay in unique places- castles, monasteries, paradors.

  Have support vehicles and guides assist you every pedal of the way.

   Have a soigneur at your disposal every evening to cajole those muscles into getting the most out of your body.

Life is for living! Bike Odyssey cycling adventures will provide you with a goal to aim and train for.The lead up and very personal planning of it with your Tour leader is a great way to prepare for an unforgettable adventure that will tick off half your bucket list all in one go!

Please have a look at why travelling with Bike Odyssey is absolutely the way to have the journey and adventure of a lifetime:

Come and look at our tours at: to see why our tours have captured the imagination and passions of our age.

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