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Borton Overseas, Your Extraordinary Journey Begins Here!

norway-sizedAfrica, Scandinavia, South America, Antarctica…

Our pre-planned travel programs suit a wide variety of travel styles and budgets, and can be customized to your specifications, or create your own itinerary from scratch! Our expert Destination Specialists will work exclusively with you to design your bucket list trip, and help you discover some of the world’s best natural, cultural and historical wonders.

tanzania-2-sizedPicture yourself in Africa; getting up close with lions or elephants from your safari vehicle, or trekking to observe gorillas in their natural habitat; visiting Kenya’s colorful Maasai people, and learning about their tradition and lifestyle; enjoying gourmet cuisine at your lodge, or a relaxing Sundowner after a thrilling day on safari.

Just the thought of Scandinavia creates visions of deep fjords, majestic mountains, rich green pine forests, friendly locals, and geographical diversity…plus culture, history, adventure and cuisine! Kayak on a fjord or through the canals of downtown Stockholm. Wander through charming chile-2-sizedcountry villages, and stay in historic accommodations. Hike on a glacier, or hunt for the northern lights.

South America is home to some of the most diverse andnamibia-sized remote environments in the world with wildlife, rich culture and history, vineyards, barren deserts and crystal clear glacial lakes. Active programs, such as biking, hiking, horseback riding, are available for every ability level. Wine and culinary experiences abound, as well as cultural immersion and nature programs. By boat, experience unihabited and untouched parts of Patagonia, island-hop in Galapagos, or explore the Amazon rainforest.

Discover the pristine beauty and intrigue that draws people to Antarctica. Stunning scenery, glaciers, icebergs, incredible wildlife and bird viewing awaits! This is the bucket list trip-of-a-lifetime!

iceland-2-sizedLearn more about the Borton Overseas Difference and why savvy travelers choose us to plan their one-of-a-kind journey!



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