Costa Rica Expeditions

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Planning a Vacation in Costa Rica?

Treat yourself to the peace of mind of not having to worry about making the wrong choices.

Use the Wish List Below to Plan Your Dream Vacation. This unique form, it  will show you a different way to plan travel.tortuguero-1i

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One of Our Travel Planners Will Personally Custom Design Up to 3 Itineraries – Free!ellie-stone-red-eyed-tree-frog

We help you choose the best locations in Costa Rica and translate your vacation dreams into what you will see and experience.

We help you make the best choices of hotels and lodges. So each one is a good fit and meets your goals and your budget.

We help you make the best choices of activities making suggestions based on your budget, physical ability and the quality of the experience.

You ask all the questions you want. You get quick answers that explain the tradeoffs so that you can make informed choices.

spending-some-time-in-your-hammock-tortuguero-riverYour reservation process is effortless. We reserve vans, drivers, boats, internal flights, hotels, guides, activities, surprise birthday cakes, gluten free diets, set the stage for a 30th wedding anniversary celebration, a marriage proposal or a multi-generational gathering. You don’t have to do a thing.

You name it, we draw on our vast resources and make your unforgettable vacation of a lifetispider-monkey-tortuguero-national-park-guest-besty-lewinme come alive.

While you’re here, you don’t have to think about anything except enjoying your vacation. We handle all the details and arrangements.

Guests tell us that our staff is a delight to get to know. They enhance your transfers sharing information about Costa Rica. You’ll be friends by the time you leave.

We do everything to ensure that you will have no hassles, but if there is a glitch, our Operations Department is available 24/7 to take care of everything.

You will even get a card the cell phone numbers for our Directors of Sales & Operations, Marketing and our CEO & Founder.

Your Vacatortuga-2tion Time is Precious  

Simply Click Your Interests –

One of Our Travel Planners Will Personally Custom Design Up to 3 Itineraries – Free!




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