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Tastefully explore the world’s best destinations. On Experi Food & Wine’s curated small-group programs, you’ll intimately explore destinations with local chefs, winemakers, and culinary experts who show you how the locals celebrate food and wine. Come away with memories of new flavors and shared experiences, as well as a deeper understanding of the destination. Join us and experience why our guests call Experi Food & Wine “the best kept secret in travel.”

Why Travel with Experi Food & Wine?

Travel your way, with expert support. Activities are thoughtfully selected and arranged, with independent exploration alternatives. Decades of local experience are infused into each itinerary. Experts are at your side throughout, making each experience more meaningful.

Experience the destination, dont just travel through it. Itineraries and encounters are tastefully curated to create moments, not just deliver snapshots of monuments. Engage with the right locals in ways you never could alone. Slow down to take in and understand each destination and its people.

Learn the local food, wine, and culinary traditions. Experience hands-on how locals grow, make, and celebrate the local food and wine. Meet the key players and get their perspective on centuries of tradition. Come away with a deeper appreciation and specific knowledge to bring home.

Travel with friends, both new and old. Experi Food & Wine travelers tend to be accomplished and receptive, bringing interest and excitement to this shared experience. The safety and support of small-group travel fosters a dynamic of shared comradery, creating life-long friendships.

Go with Experi Food & Wine, and return better for it. Rest assured you’ve made the right choice by traveling with experts. Anticipate a deep understanding and experience of each destination and its people. Return with memories, experiences, and relationships unattainable through any other travel choice.



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