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Explore Europe’s Wine Country Like a Boss on Your Own Private Vessel

Top Five European Cruising Destinations that Every Wine Lover Must Visit

Once upon a time, vacations were all about the beach, sand and crystal-clear waters. Now, it seems there’s a new reason to stamp your passport – welcome to enotourism.

Enotourism, the emerging trend of traveling specifically to experience the wines of the world, is rapidly growing. With the era of social media and influencers among us, the constant sharing of lavish vacations, food, wine and culture has inspired travellers more than ever to book trips and venture off for a unique gastronomic experience. As Europe accounts for approximately 65 per cent of the world’s wine production, what better place to enjoy your first vino-centric vacation?

And if it’s a unique experience you’re craving imagine cruising amongst the vineyards of Burgundy or sipping the Rieslings of Potsdam aboard your very own river cruiser. Le Boat , Europe’s largest operator of self-drive boating vacations and a leader in unique travel, has found five of the must-see European destinations for wine lovers to cast off and raise a glass.

Canal Du Midi, France

Canal du midi le boatThe South of France needs no introduction. Uncover the country’s beauty while cruising along the historic Canal du Midi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wine lovers need to visit Languedoc, one of the country’s finest wine regions which includes smaller regions such as Herault, the Aude, Minervois and Corbieres. Most of these vineyards border the canal itself, making it easy to pull up and sample wine straight on the water. Specializing in rich, full-bodied reds, unoaked whites, and rosés, there’s something for every wine pallet. Along the way, make a pit stop at one of the many medieval villages and ancient fortress cities, like the La Cité, one of the best-preserved medieval castles in Europe. Once you’re done exploring for the day, sit back and enjoy that perfect bottle of rouge onboard while overlooking the tranquil French landscape.

Potsdam, Germany

This northern region of Germany is home to some of the country’s best kept secrets. Producing quality Rieslings, and Burgundies, sailing through these canals while enjoying a glass of Germany’s finest, is worth the visit alone. Don’t forget to pack your camera as nearby Vineyards like Villa Jacobs are set on truly magical landscapes. Fit for a postcard, the area was home to the German Kaiser and Prussian kings, so the city’s architecture reflects the royalty of years past. Late summer is an ideal time to visit Potsdam as there are 20 different vintners and festivals across the country’s many wine regions attracting over 500,000 visitors a year.

Flanders, Belgium

Flanders le boatFor this list Belgium’s famous ales and decadent waffles are taking the back seat! Though just a small wine producer, what Flanders lacks in vinicultural status it surely makes up for in beauty and high-quality produce. While sailing down one the many Belgian canals, drop anchor in this Dutch speaking region, located in the country’s north. Flanders boasts a wide range of Chardonnays, Pinot Gris, Rieslings and Pinot Noirs. Be sure to check out the chateau of Genoels-Elderen in Limburg where guests can expect to be served a variety of nuts, meats, cheeses and desserts paired with a variety of house made wines. (YUM!) The best part? The vineyard is located on the ground of a Belgian castle, giving visitors the full fairytale experience.


Veneto, Italy

This regional capital offers incredible sights, authentic and mouthwatering Italian cuisine, and of course the notorious wine, now that’s amore! Though the country is famous for its reds, this northern wine region of Italy is best known for its dry and sweet wines, Soave and Prosecco, both native to the Veneto region. With the Alps protecting Veneto from the harsh Mediterranean temperatures, its cooler climate and moderate precipitation make for the perfect environment to grow a variety of white grapes. It’s no surprise that Italy is one of Le Boat’s top vacation destinations, as places like Veneto have a large assortment of wine tours guests can take to relish in the culture of the region, taste the wine, and indulge in gastronomy.

Burgundy, France

Burgindy le boatWe couldn’t roundup Europe’s top wine destinations without mentioning Burgundy! With Le Boat’s canal locations running right into the vino capital, this wine lover’s paradise is a must see on your sail through. This Eastern region of France produces some of the most notable vino in the world. These wines, commonly referred to as Burgundies, are a variety of whites made from Chardonnay grapes and dry reds produced from Pinot Noir grapes. Visiting Burgundy will not only give travellers an unforgettable trip filled with romance and exploration, but with every sip of Burgundy’s finest, you’ll also get a taste of history and evolution, as archeologists believe viticulture in this region of France, began around second century AD.


About Le Boat

Le Boat is the leading self-drive boating rental company, with more than 40 years of experience in the industry, operating its own fleet of 900 self-drive cruisers from a network of over 37 different departure bases across eight European countries. Renters can sleep on board in 5-Star comfort and style, saving substantially on hotel costs. All boats feature fully equipped kitchens, comfortable furnishings, showers and bathrooms, and warm air heating. They also feature air-conditioning, depending on the model.  No experience or boating license is necessary. Instructions and an orientation are provided to first-time renters, ensuring they get the most out of their boating vacation. Unlike conventional cruises that follow a pre-planned itinerary, Le Boat provides guests with suggested itineraries but allows them to visit the towns and attractions that most interest them on a particular route.

For more information, email [email protected] or call toll-free at 1-800-734-5491 or visit www.leboat.com.



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