Military Historical Tours

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Simply put . . . “We want to fulfill the “Bucket List” to walk the world’s great battlefields for Veterans, Family Members, Historians, Educators or Students.”

For100_0913 30 years we’ve followed the vision of providing opportunities to visit battlefields of past conflicts. Our belief is by walking the ground and learning about past clashes, we can fully understand the events surrounding those campaigns and there connection to our nation’s history and the world.

We want to help you:

-Travel to Vietnam for the 50th Anniversaries of this national struggle of wills that put our fighting men in strife in the jungles and at home.d-day

-Tour the hills of Korea and learn about saving a nation under assault.

-Visit the trenches of World War I as we reach the 100th Anniversaries of “The Great War”

-Hike up the beaches of Normandy on the “Longest Day” and push through the hedgerows.

-See epic battlefields of World War II’s “Pacific Campaign” like Iwo Jima, Guam, Saipan, Tinian and Guadalcanal.

-Develop your own historical tour package for your unit, friends and family.

-View warfare in Spain, Ireland, Israel, Russia & Turkey.

Our tours are limited in size to provide a “one-on-one” experience and are led by experienced professionals. Guest historians and tour hosts are added to provide an “in-depth” perspective.

We stand ready to fulfill our pledge to offer you . . . “The finest in custom-designed tour programs” . . . photos-of-saipan-010we welcome the opportunity to discuss any tour, or answer any question.

Contact us for your bucket list travel to the world’s battlefields!



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