Pandaw River Expeditions

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The age of elegance lives again in Pandaw’s celebrated river expeditions on the great rivers of Southeast Asia.

For over 224422855029_a558121de3_k0 years the pioneering luxury adventure company has opened new routes in parts of Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Borneo and namarapuraow China, that only our specially-designed vessels can reach. Our expeditions have introduced passengers to hidden glories of Southeast Asia, as well as the great, must-see “bucket list” sites.

Proceeding at a stately pace up or down river on one of Pandaw’s specially-built, colonial-era ships, built and furnished by local craftsmen, is a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience that a great many of our guests chose to repeat the next year, and the next…

Our elegantly appointed teak-lined staterooms open up onto wide expanses of wooden deck, that allow passengers to mingle as the mood takes them, while the gorgeous panoramas o24329776080_d33b12b85b_kf the Mekong, the Irrawaddy and the Red River valleys unfold before their eyes.

Pandaw’s unique offering, which includes some of the best on board food and wine offering afloat, is built on our company’s intimate knowledge of Southeast Asian art and culture, and in particular for the people whose countries we are privileged to glide through.

An expedition with us is true escape and a glorious adventure, where guests can set their own pace, whether that is a leisurely short stroll through a riverside market, or a more adventurou14105323421_947fe65082_k1s bike ride through some remote ancient temples and monuments.

To see our itineraries, details of our ships, and most importantly, to read the feedback from our guests, visit our site –

Or call us at: 1-800 729 2651 (Toll Free North America)



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