Do you already have an idea of what you want on your Bucket List for Travel? If not, here are some suggestions to move you along.

“It’s easier to figure out where you are going when you know why you are going there”

A Boomers travel bucket list is about living your life to the fullest. In what follows, we offer to assist you to create your travel bucket list and achieve the experiences you want to have. Here are some aids to get you started, keep you moving forward, and make your trip a reality.

Decide the time is go is now.

What have you always wanted to do but felt the time was not right, you had too many responsibilities, not enough money or time? Boomers are not getting younger. We have lived long enough to realize that unless we do something about it, some of our dreams will never be realized. You may wish to add due dates and targets towards achieving your travel goals. This will create a sense of excitement and keep your planning in the forefront of your mind.

Take the time to dream and then write it down.

Day-dreaming is always pleasant and is often the source of adventures or inspirations. Allow yourself some dream-time; a time when you are quiet, alone, and free from the burdens of the day. Let your mind wander and follow the stream of your travel fantasies. Can you see yourself at one or more of these places? Writing your dreams down makes them become more real and then you may actually consider doing something about them. Immerse yourself in this process.


While dreaming is your inspiration, brainstorming sets it all in motion. Look at the list and ideas you have written down. Observe if a location or an activity emerges, or both. Try to connect where you wish to go with what you want to accomplish or experience. Some people use mind maps or other ways to connect thoughts, ideas, places and activities so that a clear pattern or answer emerges. We urge you not to self edit. Let it flow. Once completed, write down two or three places and activities that really excite and call out to you.

Preliminary research the places, destinations and activities on your list.

Start by taking a look as some pictures and read articles. Check out the travel articles on our site and the experiences of other boomers also on our site. As you know, you can find an incredible amount of information on the internet, libraries, or magazines. See if every place on your list stands up to scrutiny. Many may not when you continue to look deeper.

Talk with friends and others.

This serves as both a reality check and to get additional ideas that may trigger new inspirations. How we talk to others may show your true enthusiasm and passion. It may show your doubt or indecision as well. Also, feedback may provide you with a dose of reality and may reflect back practical considerations you haven’t considered. Your network of friends and family may add to your team of thinkers and planners and take your trip planning to new and exciting directions.

Budget the time and money you can devote to this trip.

This is our first feasibility step. How close or far away is your destination? Are there geographical, political, or health restrictions involved?  Does your trip require a certain level of physical fitness? Do you have the  time and money to devote to this adventure? Your selected bucket list adventure must survive a reality check. 

Prioritize your travel bucket list and readjust when necessary.

It is important to be flexible and shift your travel target according to your health, budget and time. Here are a few examples: A cyclist in his or her 60’s planning a European tour by bike may wish to plan this trip in the next 5 -10 years leaving less physical demanding trips for later in life. OR perhaps you would like to go to Japan because you’ve never been to Asia but it is out of your budget. How about Laos, Thailand and Vietnam? The point is one can always locate  great places in the world and activities to do that are wonderful and inspiring and match all of your feasibility needs. It doesn’t take long to readjust your destination and we know you will be just as excited about any adventure you select.

We hope this is helpful. Start the process and go after your dreams. Plan this trip now! You have one precious life and you can enjoy it to the max.

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