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John Gray’s SeaCanoe (JGSC) is “Natural History By Sea Kayak Since 1983”. Tropical Adventures from 1-14 days. Home Base is Phuket, Thailand (1989). SeaCanoe Vietnam (1992) is a formal franchise. Community Based Ecotourism operations in Philippines, Fiji, with custom trips in Hawai’i and Tahiti. “Best Food of our entire vacation” is our reputation since 1983, also when we developed “Tidal Sea Caving”

Kayak ThailandNumerous awards starting with 1985 EMMY (Hawai’i) include 1985 TEDDY (US Outdoor Writers Council), 1998 Smithsonian Environmental (Thailand), 2000 National Geographic World Top 25 Adventures (Vietnam) and 2008 SKAL Ecotourism (Thailand). However, today’s awards are by application, not actual experience, so our best awards are guest comments, selection by EU Center for Business Imports as Phuket’s Top travel company, and listing in the Greater Mekong Sub Region Guide to Responsible Tourism. Also see John Gray’s SeaCanoe on YouTube and Facebook,

Commercial activities support our comprehensive environmental commitment since the 1950’s, including wildlife rehabbing, media, keynote speaking, teaching at Prince of Songkla University-Phuket, marine/on-land clean-ups, and preservation of Phuket and Hanoi urban historical districts. John “Caveman” Gray is Ecotourism Consultant for the Thailand Environmental Institute since 1990 and IUCN-Thailand.

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