Boomers submitting their adventures…..

Have you had a Bucket List Travel experience?

We would like to invite you to share your adventure with other boomers by writing your own short travel article. For many of us us, the most memorable travel experiences stay long after we have forgotten all the places we have visited. Please write of a travel experience where the events, feelings, or happenings were so amazing that you will never forget them.  Our viewers would love to read how you brought a dream adventure to reality as well as any small and delightful things you experienced that made your trip special.  Don’t forgot to include the surprises and the unexpected pleasures that came your way.

We hope sharing these experiences will motivate our readers – other boomers – to follow their bliss, to be inspired, to travel.

You are limited only by your good taste written in 500 words or so. Please submit your article as a Word .doc and include up to 3 .jpeg photos in at at least 72 dpi as separate files and email them to [email protected].


John Gray

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