Room viewing the Pitons of St. Lucia

35% Discount at Anse Chastanet – St. Lucia

    Escape to Scenic St Lucia with 35% off at renowned Anse Chastanet Resort. Recently voted the #3 resort in St Lucia and #6 in the Caribbean expect the best in Tranquility, Romance and Adventure. Learn more about this special offer here: Other amazing specials can be found here: Anse Chastanet Resort was […]

Timeless Fiji

Most vacationers complain that their trip seemed too short — that “I was just starting to slow down.” Days passing too quickly definitely was not my experience when my wife Daya and I spent eight days at Turtle Island in Fiji this October. Time disappeared. The holiday felt endless, as if more experiences always awaited. […]

Fiji’s Dive Regions: Paradise Under Water

Jean-Michel Cousteau refers to Fiji as “The Soft Coral Capital of the World” for good reason! When first you dive Fiji, the vibrant colors of both the soft and hard corals, as well as the myriad of marine life will exceed your wildest expectations. Built on a solid base of over 400 species of coral […]

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Laos & Thailand: An Asian Fantasy

Laos & Thailand: An Asian Fantasy

At first consideration, appreciating Buddhist art and going scuba diving seem as different as night and day. The principles of Buddhist art encompass simplicity, devotion and meditation while scuba diving involves hi-tech equipment and activity. But there are similarities–both ask their participants to focus on the moment, contemplation that can bring serenity and relaxation. Why […]

Dive in Maldives

Learn Ocean Science- Dive in the Maldives

Learn Ocean Science- Dive in the Maldives Join the Hydrous on their yearly trip to Maldives  Dec.9 – Dec 16th where you can learn and help with coral research while diving every day on a liveaboard luxury yacht. The Hydrous is a non-profit dedicated to encourage understanding and appreciation for ocean environments. We believe education […]

Spend 7 Nights for the Price of 5 at Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

Summer Romance awaits at St Lucia’s #1 resort, Jade Mountain. Spend 7 nights for price of 5 this summer based on the ever popular, all-inclusive Total Romance package. Learn more about this special offer here: Other amazing specials can be found here: Jade Mountain is akin to an architectural masterpiece carved into the […]